We at TAT Balm want to help you from pain to pop. We have a three step process of our all natural ingredients and their targets in order.

TAT Balm complete care products:

Step 1 Prior to a Tattoo:
Relieves between 50-75% Of the initial tattoo pain
Starts the healing process off right, preparing for a healthy recovery
Infection resistant oils, provide better protection from bacteria
Tones and tightens the upper layers of skin, providing a better canvas for the artist, and reduces excessive bleeding issues.

TATbalm’s Pre-tattoo products

Step 2 Just after your Tattoo
Accelerates the time it takes to heal, often reducing up to 50%
Increases the overall health of your skin and tattoo
Moisturizes your skin, and leaves it silky and soft
Relieves much of the after tattoo pain
Soothes the itch and eliminates the need to scratch
Infection resistant oils protect your healing artwork from dangerous bacteria, and in some cases have eliminated minor infections in previously un cared for tattoos

TATbalm’s After Tattoo products

Step 3 Make your Tattoo Shine
Moisturizes your skin, leaving it silky and soft
Protects your skin from UV radiation, and is full of anti-aging elements that reduce fading and can even restore older tattoos to much of their former glory.
Brings out the luster of your artwork, and really makes it POP out, and catch attention
Organic oil formula increases the overall health and feel of the skin, promoting collagen growth and, the shedding of ugly dead skin layers that give older tattoos that faded look

TATbalm’s  Pop That Tattoo products