TATbalm Pre-tattoo products

Getting a tattoo is a life changing experience. It gives us a sense of identity and permanency unrivaled by any other form of art. While this experience can be a painful one, there is no need to have it be more painful than necessary.

TATBalm‘s Pre-TAT formula is specifically formulated to target the key nerve receptors in the tattoo area and relieve 50 up to 75% of the initial and long term tattoo pain. If applied a minimum of 10 minutes before the tattoo, PreTat‘s painkillers go to work immediately, and work to reduce your pain through the whole tattoo procedure.

Our all 3 in 1 formula targets these key areas to make your experience far more pleasant, and to start you on the path towards a healthy and comfortable recovery.

1. Pain Relief – We start with many of nature’s best ingredients which go into effect almost immediately to numb the nerve receptors in the tattoo area and replace with a pleasant tingly sensation. We continue on with other ingredients such as eucalyptus to provide long lasting continuation of the pain relief.

2. Infection protection –  We strongly recommend you apply a deep penetrating antiseptic before you open any wound. The best time to start protecting your skin from infection, is before the needle penetrates it.   Powerful All natural ingredients such eucalyptus, witch hazel and beeswax applied prior to the tattoo will help you keep your tattoo area clean and safe from harmful bacteria.

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TATbalm Pre-tattoo products