TATbalm’s After Tattoo products

While you may have come here looking for a solution to the initial pain of a tattoo, its important to remember that most of the time when a tattoo goes wrong, its not in the tattoo parlor, its at home. The constant itch of a fresh tattoo, and risk of infection are enough to drive you crazy in themselves. Add to that the residual pain, and its enough to make you think twice about another.

Here at TAT Balm we recognize the important need to not only reduce the initial pain, but to relieve the after effects as well. AfterTAT is specifically targeted to Soothe the pain, stop the itching, and protect your tattoo from infection. In addition to these effects, it maintains TAT Balm’s commitment to results in only minutes, that outlast anything else on the market!

kai.pg_crop_northHow do we do it? the answer is simple! We chose ingredients that target 4 areas of key importance to tattoo aftercare.

1. Pain Relief – After Tat uses ingredients such as Moringa and Eucalyptus to take the edge off of the after tattoo pain!

2. Itch relief – Ingredients such as almond oil, witch-hazel, and coconut oil, contribute greatly to AfterTAT‘s itch relief properties.

3. Infection Fighting power – In addition to avoiding scratching with bacteria covered nails, Beeswax, Moringa, coconut oil, olive oil, and witch-hazel all have powerful infection fighting properties that protect your tattoo and decrease healing time drastically

tattoo nice14. POP – The tattoo has to be more than just comfortable, after all you got it to look good. All of the above oils listed, as well as others such as mango kernel, walnut, and avocado oils are included to bring out the luster of that new tattoo!!!

TATbalm’s After Tattoo products