TATbalm’s  Pop That Tattoo products

POP That TAT – Long Lasting Oil Format

Now that your tattoo is healed and feeling good, its time to really make it POP. We all get our tattoos so we can show them off. Maybe you’ve had one for awhile, and its time to rejuvenate existing tattoo for the bare skin season, in any case its important to continue to promote continuous healthy tattoo’s and skin care. We will give you shiny and silky skin, to helping to draw real attention to the beauty of your body art.

The lovely creamy texture of our long enduring formula targets not only the glowing tattoo, with the underlining silkier skin, but the regenerative properties of your skin where the tattoo has been placed. In many healthy ways it increases the replacement of dying and shedding cells with new smooth feeling healthy ones.

PopTAT also reduces Sun damage and minimizes the signs of premature tattoo aging, including helping to prevent wrinkles and lines. Polyphenols, which are strong anti-aging agents, are absorbed directly into your skin. Being 100% Organic, long lasting PopTat is incredibly safe for all types of skin, including the most sensitive areas. In addition to this, PopTAT‘s formula helps protect the skin from the many damaging effects such as UV radiation.


Unlike our other products, PopTat isn’t in our usual balm format, it is in a straight oil format, to provide an easy application, and to increase the shine!!!  As with all our products of high grade natural ingredients you should know a little goes a long ways.

Our formula includes 8 All Natural, high grade, and completely organic oils. Don’t be satisfied with a dull dry tattoo – Really make it shine with TAT Balms PopTAT formula!!!!!

Buy Step 3 to keep your skin healthy, and make that tattoo really shine!!!!!

TATbalm’s  Pop That Tattoo products