Tattoo Care is where we at TAT Balm come in.

We created a whole new form of Tattoo numbing cream that is easy to apply, and reduces pain for about as long as the tattoo takes to heal. It also helps to reduce itching, prevent infections, improves the skin and helps POP the tattoo.

To change the tattoo experience, painful by any measure, we gathered some of the worlds most powerful natural elements in the reduction of both immediate and long term pain. While greatly reducing the healing time is a side effect of this proprietary blend, we are best known for making the tattoo market open to anyone who desires it, by reducing the initial pain, and providing a relatively pain free healing process.rihanna_0

We also created an all new aftercare product that reduces anxiety, and relieves many issues of having a new tattoo such as keeping the pain, itching and chances of infection away, along with helping promote heather skin, and boosting the POP of the Tattoo.

The third product is a long term maintenance product designed to make the tattoo POP and give you natural healthy skin. So you can renew, restore or rejuvenate your established Tattoo’s while improving your skin.

We spent endless amounts of time developing the perfect blend of All Natural ingredients and came up with the perfect solution to the tattoo industries greatest set-back. Fear of pain! In doing so we have turned body art into an enjoyable, healthy and well kept part of your skin and life.