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If there is one thing that is certain about getting a tattoo, its the permanence. As a permanent fixture in your life, the continuing health and welfare of the tattoo is of utmost importance. While many products on the market claim to promote healthier skin, none are as specifically targeted as is our PopTAT maintenance formula, on maintaining not only the health of tattooed skin, but the luster and POP as well.

Without proper maintenance, tattooed skin will fade, develop spotting, be more reactive to sunlight/UV radiation, dry out, and be more susceptible to bacteria and aging. Part of our commitment to making the tattoo experience is providing a maintenance formula that reduces these issues, and keeps your tattoo looking great for years to come.

tattoo nice4Our blend of All Natural and Organic oils specifically targets the following key factors in tattoo maintenance.

1. Skin Health – We target the general health of the underlying skin. While increasing the collagen growth (an important factor in skin health) we also target skin spotting, and reduce aging factors with polyphenols and antioxidants.

2. ProtectionPopTAT is specifically formulated to protect your tattooed skin from outside factors such as UV radiation and bacteria. We all know that tattoos are more susceptible to these factors, and keeping these area protected keeps your tattoos health from deteriorating.

tattoo nice53. Fading – The whole point of having a tattoo is to have a permanent enhancement to your appearance. Tattoos are susceptible to fading with time, and as part of our maintenance program, we target the factors that cause this, keep it from happening to you. Many of the properties have even been shown to reverse the effects on older tattoo’s, so If you are looking to improve one you got years ago, we can help!!!

When applying PopTAT to the tattooed area – generously apply to the skin, and thoroughly rub into the tattooed area. This will bring an immediate brilliant shine to your tattoo, and with repeated applications can bring out the luster that may have faded years ago.

Remember, Having a tattoo is a lifetime commitment, so keep your investment in your bodies art looking as good as the day you got it!!!!!


TATbalm’s Healthy skin products here:
TATbalm’s Better tone products are here: