We all know that when a tattoo Is healing, that it needs to be washed daily. A gentle washing with an excellent moisturizing soap is crucial to proper healing, and can shorten the healing time. That’s why we developed two new types of body washes, especially for use on tattoos.

WashTAT Moisturization. – The first of the two formulas is a solely moisturizing formula, designed for safe use on any and all tattoos. It is gentle and safe for healing tattoos, and can help speed the healing process along. It moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling smooth and silky, and unlike many chemical based soaps, our completely organic soap formula, doesn’t dry out the skin, or expose your healing tattoo to any harsh chemicals.

WashTAT Exfoliation – Don’t be fooled by the name! Our exfoliation formula is equally moisturizing to our other formula. However it has added ingredients that are designed to exfoliate the skin, removing dead and dry skin cells, and making room for healthier newer skin. This formula is safe only for completely healed tattoos, and we recommend that in order to avoid irritation from the organic exfoliation agent, that you not use on healing tattoos!

When either form of WashTAT is used together with our Tattoo Maintenance formula (PopTAT) You will find that not only does your tattoo and skin look and feel magnificent, but that you keep it looking like new for years to come!!!