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One of the beautiful things about our All Natural ingredients in TAT Balm, is that they are effective at more than just tattoo pain relief.

Infection Prevention Properties

One of the most common problems when getting a new tattoo is the risk of infection. We strongly recommend that you apply a deep penetrating antiseptic such as PreTAT before you open any wound, and TAT Balm has several key ingredients such as witch hazel, eucalyptus and bees wax that all have strong anti bacterial properties and greatly reduce the chances of a tattoo getting infected. Here is some more information as to how infections happen, and what you can do to prevent them. Remember most of all to treat your tattoo as an open wound, as that is essentially what it is.


After the tattoo, It is very important to continue using an antiseptic AFtercare product such as AfterTAT, on a daily basis. Our aftercare not only continues to provide the deep penetrating antiseptic you got in the PreTAT Formula, but also completely relieves the itching, taking away the need to constantly scratch a new tattoo, which is the leading cause of infection!!!

How people end up with infections

  • Not washing the tattoo enough or at all.
  • Being around a lot of sick people.
  • Swimming with a fresh tattoo especially in lakes or ponds.
  • Sleeping on dirty sheets and using dirty towels.
  • Letting other people touch your new tattoo before it’s healed.
  • Touching your own tattoos with dirty hands (first timers tend to like to ‘feel up’ the tattoo).
  • Not using proper tattoo aftercare products, such as AfterTAT.
  • Washing dishes, scrubbing toilets, etc. with tattoos on the hands or wrists.
  • Using contaminated ointments or petroleum products. Such as a jar of vasoline that someone else has had their dirty hand in.
  • Plain Ol’ bad luck…tattoo nice3

To be virtually infection free try to follow some of these guidelines

  • When you wash your tattoo use an antibacterial soap.
  • If your tattoo is rubbing on your clothes and you only wash them once every few days then learn how to do some laundry!
  • Don’t fall into a lake or pond or swamp. Tattoos are open wounds.
  • Don’t expose your tattoo to anything that you wouldn’t put your mouth on.
  • Don’t use plastic wrap as many people may advise you. If there is any bacteria in the area the plastic wrap stops the tattoo from getting air and the bacteria will spread.
  • If you do accidentally get your tattoo dirty then wash right away.
  • Don’t dry off with dirty towels.
  • Practice good tattoo aftercare, including daily applications of AfterTAT immediately after showering.

TATBalm’s healthy tattoo antiseptic healing products go here

Testimonial – “I received a tattoo from one of my favorite artists and while I loved the artwork, the itching got so bad I couldn’t help but scratch at it. This was a problem and it became infected, I went to the doctor but even though we caught it early, I could not afford the expensive antibiotics the prescribed. A friend of mine gave me their left over AfterTAT, and I tried it out. Not only did it immediately stop the itching so i didn’t keep scratching it, but within two weeks my infection was completely gone, without the need for the expensive prescription! I have told all my friends about it, and recommend that anyone who is in my situation Try this first, or even better, start using it from day one to keep it from getting infected in the first place!!!” – Adrianna