TATbalm’s products that improve your tattoo

To improve your Tattoo, it all starts before you even get it. Make sure the area is clean, and use a deep penetrating Antiseptic such as TAT Balms PreTAT Formula before you even start your tattoo.

PreTAT will help you reduce your pain, and provide deep down “in your skin” antiseptic properties to help the healing and reduce the pain and sting. Another added benefit in improving your overall experience is that PreTAT Tones and tightens the skin, making a far superior, and easy to work with canvas for the artist. This in itself reduces pain, and leads to a far better end product.

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After the tattoo has been completed make sure you keep you skin moist, and remember that some scabbing is natural. This when you use our health promoting all natural  Aftercare products! AfterTAT will reduce healing time significantly, and also reduce pain, itching, and infections.

While for many the fear of the initial pain is a big worry, that pain only is only the beginning of the discomfort that can come from a tattoo. Our All Natural Aftercare doesn’t just deliver relief from these symptoms, it delivers a far more comfortable experience. Don’t suffer for weeks after your tattoo,  Order AfterTAT Today!!!tattoo nice6

Once your skin is healed make sure to take care of your artwork by trying PopTAT! Please remember that a little goes a long way. This should be applied daily. making a low pain healthy way to have complete tattoo care.

You don’t buy a Picasso, or Van Gogh painting to hide away in a closet, You put it on display for all to see!!! The same goes for your tattoo! Especially when going on a date, to a party, concert, or other important event, Make sure that your tattoo stands out from the crowd! After all, that’s why you got it right?


TATbalm’s products the improve your tattoo