TAT Balm‘s Pop your tattoo products

We all get tattoo’s for different reasons. It can be anything from remembrance of a loved one, to wanting to catch the attention of someone special, to an impulse decision with your friends! But the one underlying thing about why we get tattoos, is that we want them to be seen!

Tattoo art is unique in that the canvas is actually our skin. Because of this, the appearance of the tattoo is defined by how well we take care of that canvas. We have all seen tattoo’s that after 10, or 20 years have gone from great looking to old and faded, and none of us, when we first get them, want that be us! Here at TAT Balm, we have developed PopTAT to help.

tattoo nice11PopTAT is more than just a tattoo shine, although it does that very well! It brings out the vibrant colors of your tattoo, and catches the attention of all around.. But more importantly PopTAT protects your skin from outside influences that cause the faded out appearance you might have seen in others.

It promotes the regeneration of skin cells to replace dead, shedding cells, free-radical damage and minimizes appearance of lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature skin aging, and actually slows down aging from within.The anti-aging polyphenols are absorbed directly into your skin, and it’s safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skins.  PopTAT also helps to preventing the structural damage caused by UV radiation.

The best part is that it is also regenerative. When used on older faded tattoos, it helps heal the damaged skin, and we have seen tattoos over 20 years old, that have never been subject to any type of protection, Go from old and faded to vibrant and fresh in minutes, and with continued use, restored to much of their original glory! tattoo nice9Testimonial – “I got my sleeve tattoo over 20 years ago when i was in the marines, and absolutely loved it! But as I have gotten older it has really faded out. I have considered getting it redone, as I really miss how great it used to look. The other day I was chatting with a friend, who had a bottle of PopTAT on his desk, and he offered me some. I rubbed just a little bit into my skin and within minutes, my tattoo was back to looking almost brand new. I couldn’t believe it!” – Anon

TATbalm’s Pop your tattoo products