TATbalm’s Tone and Bleeding Reduction  products

Any artist can tell you that the quality of the canvas they use makes a huge difference in how the finished product turns out. In the Tattoo world, it is no different, a pliable and toned skin, is the equivalent of a high quality canvas for a painting.

TatBalms PreTAT Formula is know widely for its ability to reduce pain by 50-75%, and for providing a Deep Penetrating Antiseptic. However less known, but just as important, our witch hazel and nutmeg base, tone and expand the upper layers of skin, and make your tattoo easier to work on! We formulated PreTAT completely from All Natural ingredients that firm the skin and make the whole tattooing process easier. Because of the expansion to the upper layers of skin, bleeding issues which are also a potential problem, are drastically reduced, making scabbing and problem tattoos less of a risk.

tattoo nice13It is extremely important part of the tattoo process to apply a Deep penetrating antiseptic, just prior to receiving your tattoo. Doing so will drastically reduce your risk of a dangerous infection, that will not only ruin your artwork, and leave lifelong damage to your skin, but also will endanger your life.

TAT Balms PreTAT formula provides this protection in an all natural and healthy way, that frees you from side effects, and nurtures the skin.

tattoo nice14Bleeding tattoos are a common problem, and can often cause the artist to have to stop their work. Many antiseptics and pain reducers on the market, actually Increase the risk of bleeding, and ruin the entire project. And nothing looks worse than a half finished tattoo covered in scabs and scars. Remember to use TAT Balms PreTAT formula and REDUCE the risk of excessive bleeding instead, and leave you with pleasant soft feeling skin, and a vibrant tattoo

TATbalm’s Tone and Reduce Bleeding products