From –  Pain to POP – We Have You Covered.

We at TAT Balm have a complete suite of Tattoo products containing only All Natural ingredients designed to be used either individually or together: tattoo nice3

1 PreTAT – Reduces the pain, and is a deep penetrating antiseptic – For use prior to the Tattoo: See TATbalm’s PreTAT product sizes and quantities

Prior to a Tattoo, TAT Balms PreTAT formula is a significant and all natural topical pain killer, including Anti-Itch and Anti-Infection properties.

2 AfterTAT – Reduces PAIN, ITCHING, and INFECTIONS while adding POP – Aftercare on a new TAT: See TATbalm’s AfterTAT product sizes and quantities

Aftercare of a Tattoo, that includes some of the long term pain reduction, increases the number of and concentration of the Anti-Itch and Anti-Infection ingredients, and also includes ingredients that make the tattoo POP or SHINE.

3 PopTAT – Make your tattoo POP & produce healthier skin – (Maintenance of existing TAT): See TATbalm’s PopTAT product sizes and quantities

After your TAT has healed and you want to show it off or give it that beautiful POP. Our tattoo maintenance product is designed to clean and upgrade the skin, and to bring out the vibrant colors. They do wonders for the long term care of your tattoo and to promote a healthier skin.   

We at TAT Balm want you to not just enjoy your tattoo art, we want you to enjoy all aspects of having a pain free experience, a healthy tattoo, and long lasting body art that POP’s. We want to help all the way from Pain to POP.

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