Congratulations, you finally got that new tattoo you’ve been wanting. But what comes hand in hand with that brand new tattoo, is a very harsh treatment of your skin. This is the time to apply a very pleasant feeling balm on your skin, that also provides many of the best tattoo and skin nurturing oils, combined with enough pain reduction, and itch relief to keep your wound healing in a very accelerated time period with as little pain and irritation as possible.  We also provide what we call POP, and TAT Balm‘sAftercare of A Tattoo – Healing Cream  will bring out the POP in your tattoo and make it shine. You must  remember a little bit goes a long ways.

To keep you safer we applied some additional anti infection nice15

Altogether our formulas will help you recover faster, have less pain, less itching, and reduce the chance of infection, all while bringing out a pleasant feeling, and robust TAT in a far shorter time.

Directions: For best results, apply TAT Balm aftercare soon after your new tattoo has been applied, make sure the entirety of the new wound/work area is covered. Apply twice daily (mornings and evenings) until the wound completely heals. Thoroughly, cover the area with the balm, which will melt when applied at body temperature, and rub in completely. Apply in a circular motion until balm has penetrated the skin. TAT Balm aftercare can be used to reduce pain, itching and infections while decreasing the time required for healing and providing that beautiful nice19

Storage: For best results, keep in cool dry place when not in use, since your aftercare is all fresh and natural it will last about 1 year unopened, 6 months after it has been opened.

TAT Balm is dedicated to providing complete tattoo care.