PopTAT is our Tattoo Maintenance solution

Our tattoo maintenance product is designed to clean and upgrade the skin to give more vibrant colors and a heather skin, they do wonders for the long term care of your tattoo. tattoo nice18Whether you are restoring, renewing or rejuvenating an established tattoo or bringing out the POP of a new tattoo, TAT Balm with it’s All Natural ingredients is your only choice for complete care that provides real results. We pride ourselves with our ability to help increase the health and well being of the skin around your tattoo.

Directions: For best results, apply TAT Balm maintenance formula after the tattoo has been completely healed, take time and make sure the entire tattoo area skin is covered.  Apply once a day directly on the Tattooed area.  Thoroughly cover rub in circular motion and completely until balm has penetrated skin. TAT Balm can be used to restore, renew or rejuvenate the life of a tattoo and give it the luster and POP it deserves.

Storage: For best results, keep in cool dry place when not in use, since your maintenance formula is fresh and all natural, it will last about 1 year unopened, and 6 months after it has been opened.

TAT Balm is dedicated to providing complete tattoo care.