We have a wide selection of Pain (Numbing) Relief products.

  1. The top selling is the fast acting Numbing or Pain Relief pump spray with a Lidocaine boost. Numbing Spray with Lidocaine boost Here.
  2. Many prefer the all natural cream Pain Killing with fast healing and infection fighting power with Nutmeg and Eucalyptus. The Natural Cream Pain Relief Cream is Here.
  3. The Double Whammy our Strongest Tattoo Pain Relief or numbing is our natural numbing cream of Nutmeg and Eucalyptus products combined with Lidocaine  giving a doubling boost effect. The Double Whammy is what we believe to be the strongest tattoo numbing product on the market.  See the Double Whammy Pain Relief Here

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – but to attain this beauty one should not have to adore pain.

We at TAT Balm have created a whole new forms of Tattoo numbing cream that is easy to apply, and is a deep penetrating antiseptic that also reduces the majority of pain for about as long as the tattoo wound lasts. It tones the skins and shortens healing time, as TAT Balm is healthy for your skin with many nurturing properties.

To change the tattoo experience, painful by any measure, we gathered some of the worlds most powerful all natural elements in an antithetical plus the majority having the majority of both immediate and long term pain reduced.  We also greatly reduce the healing time which is our desired side effect of this proprietary blend.

We spent long and diligent hours developing and testing a perfect blend of All Natural ingredients and often combining it it with the best known products, to come up with the prefer easy to apply and use solution to the tattoo industries greatest set-back. Fear of pain!

tattoo nice16Directions: For best results, apply TAT Balm pain relief 5-10 minutes before the tattoo artist begins, take time and make sure the entire area that will be worked on, is covered. Thoroughly cover the area as the balm as it will melt when applied at body temperature, and rub in completely. Rub in circular motion until balm has penetrated skin. TAT Balm can be used to reduce pain, itch and infections while decreasing the time required for healing.

Storage: For best results, keep in cool dry place when not in use, since your pain relief is all fresh and natural it will last about 1 year unopened, 6 months after it has been opened.

TAT Balm is dedicated to providing complete tattoo care.