Tat Balm is committed to the constant improvement of the tattoo experience. While our complete care program helps with the healing and pain/itch relief, and restores tattoos, we have found that our maintenance product is most effective when used with an organic body wash that does not dry out the skin with chemicals, and artificial ingredients. Products who use these cause an accumulation of dead skin over the tattoo, and can lead to premature fading of tattoos, and can even interfere with the healing process.


100% Organic WashTAT sees to this need and provides an Extra Moisturizing washing experience. Instead of using chemicals to thicken our soap, we use organic potash and cellulose from plants to make our soap. Being organic there will are no harsh chemicals or any agents that could potentially damage your skin or tattoo. and the added oils will not only leave you clean, but will also moisturize your skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

You may wonder, what makes it so moisturizing? We infuse our Organic Body Wash with healthy organic oils, such as Moringa, which protects skin and helps prevent tattoo fading, Rosehip which promotes proper healing, and reduces scar tissue, and protects from sun damage, and Avocado Oil, which boosts collagen production, and leaves your skin with a natural healthy shine!!!

Like all our products, we aim to help with many different issues at once, and most of our oils, and ingredients not only leave your skin soft and smooth, but also increase the health of your tattoo, and aid in the tattoo healing process, minimizing scar damage, and helping lock in that beautiful artwork!


Using this product in conjunction with PopTAT will prolong the life of your tattoo for years! It is safe to use on your whole body, and can replace your current body wash, and can even be used as a shampoo if you like having an all in one! Its healthy oils will bring an all natural shine and softness, reduce split ends, and improve the overall health of your hair.

So before you dry out your skin with any old soap, try WashTAT – Moisturize and improve yet another aspect of your tattoo experience!