Tattoo Merchants Pre-filled Counter Display Packs

We want to thank our Tattoo merchant business for their support.

In response to feedback from our Tattoo shop partners we have started offering counter display packs for your tattoo shop ready to display within minutes of delivery!!! The single display pack comes with between 6-144 units depending on the product, and a counter display!

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Our Tattoo shop friends are rewarded with the same retail price we charge, but will be able to acquire the same product in bulk and receive the product for only 80% of the price that we charge for individual units, PLUS – to keep your profits high, we always provide FREE SHIPPING!!!!!

Register your shop by filling out the contact form below and receive free samples of our 3 core products!!!!

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As a TAT Balm Merchant you can provide your customer with a far more comfortable, relaxing and complete overall tattoo experience. We will help you take away many of the customers mental anxieties, reduce their pains, stop their itching, help prevent infections, increase their skin care, help heal the tattoo much faster, and of course bring out (POP) your outstanding work.

We can help you provide such an improved tattoo experience that your customers will:

  1. Show increased loyalty to your shop
  2. Return more often for additional tattoo’s
  3. Increase their spending and thus bring you profit from the sales of our impacting brand and products.

This should allow your business to win the trifecta of improved profits, better care, and increase services and that’s why you should offer TAT Balm at your business today.

If you’re a merchant looking to resell our complete or individual tattoo care products please call us at (971) 338-4444* and ask for Drew, or give us a simple contact below!

Wholesaler opportunities available, but going fast!!! call now to contract your territory today!!!

* This is not a customer support Hotline, this is for information for Tattoo shops & wholesaler opportunities only. All Customer Care must be submitted through our online submission form on our contact us page, or by emailing us at

 Tattoo Merchants List of Available Products

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